Kings Point residents impacted by January 9th torrential rains pay thousands in repairs

Carol Klein is trying to add up all the money she has sunk into repairing her Kings Point home. It flooded when torrential rain fell on January 9th in suburban Delray Beach.

"The cost just to suck up the water was $1,000. The whole thing from start to finish was four weeks living upside down. It's a horrendous experience to go through alone," said Klein.

Once the drywall was torn out and replaced, she shelled out $2,700 to repaint the walls.

Another cost for Carol? Her FPL bill was twice the price. She had to power huge fans to dry out her apartment for days.

Some call her lucky. Down the hall, 87-year-old Marilyn Gressin remains on concrete floors.

"I'm going with the bare necessities. I'll put in flooring and find a painter I can afford to do the place, that's all I can do," said Gressin.

Bare necessities is right, there's nothing on her shelves, or the bedroom dresser.

"Emotionally it's draining, you do what you have to and that's it," said Gressin.

Klein, Gressin and their neighbors are also waiting to see if there will be an assessment by the Kings Point HOA for removing soaked drywall. Just another cost that remains up in the air for those slowly putting the pieces back together.

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