Kings Point residents dealing with severe flooding

SUBURBAN DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A resident of Kings Point died in floodwater Friday morning inside the Boynton Beach community.

First responders say the man walked into a canal and drowned. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office identified him as 90-year-old Harry Krulewitz.

Emergency crews are asking people to stay inside their homes, saying it is difficult to tell where the floodwater is deep.

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 Tow trucks are fishing out dozens of cars left submerged overnight.

The entrances to the community are closed, only emergency responders and personnel are allowed inside.

Residents spent the morning sweeping out water trying to dry out.

State Senator Maria Sachs toured the area and said the infrastructure didn't work. She says she will head to Tallahassee this weekend to discuss finding a solution.

"It's frightening for a lot of people because they feel trapped in their homes and can't get out but, you know, the people in my district have a smile on their face," said State Senator Sachs (D) Disrict 34. She urged residents to stay at home, "and let emergency vehicles do their work."

Keith Frank says he had to bail out of his car because it started sparking when water poured in through the vents. He helped out a stranger, Al Fairs, who also lives in Kings Point. Fairs was stuck under his motorcycle in the flood water.

"It was a bad situation, I was lucky to have him come out of the darkness," said Fairs.

Fairs invited Frank and a few others to stay at his place for the night to get out of the storm.

"He was so nice to let us into the house, we were four strangers and he let us stay," said Frank.

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