Irwin Goldberg stabbed by prostitute in self-defense, police say; He's charged with battery

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A man stabbed Tuesday in Delray Beach is under arrest.

78-year-old Irwin Goldberg walked into the police department with stab wounds to his chest but they say he lied about the circumstances.

According to police, he had a disagreement with a prostitute and beat her with a bat. They say she knifed him in self -defense.

The incident caused the South County Courthouse garage, the back of the courthouse, the sidewalk in front of the courthouse and the front of the police department, including the lobby, to be closed during the investigation.

Police have charged Goldberg with aggravated battery and false imprisonment. and investigators are trying to determine if there may be other victims.

Police say last November Goldberg tried to pick up two prostitutes but on that occasion he was severely beaten by two men.

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