IMPACT 5: Affordable path to homeownership

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - The smell of homemade cookies greets you as soon as you walk into Anna Flores' new home at In The Pines North in Delray Beach.

"We just love to bake. The kids love it," Flores said.

She and her boys, Isaiah and Damien, are still getting settled into their two bedroom rental. They couldn't be happier.

In The Pines North is an affordable-housing community for working families such as Anna's, who works in a nursery.

Everyone who lives there make less than 80-percent of the median income in Palm Beach County. Rent is 30-percent of their income.

"Our approach is very holistic, and housing is just the beginning," said Gerry Goray, the volunteer president of In The Pines.

"One of our objectives is not to provide housing for them permanently, but rather to help them stabilize their life and put them in a position where they'll be candidate for homeownership in a couple of years," Goray said.

He said many workforce families have had a tough time finding affordable places to rent since the housing crisis hit.

"It's been hard just here around. It's very expensive and it's hard, even find a job is hard period," Flores said.

"We know a lot of these people and we see the need for good clean safe housing," said Misha Ezratti of GL Redevelopment.

GLĀ  Redevelopment teamed up with In The Pines to re-build the community from the ground up. Much of it was destroyed in Hurricane Wilma. All 30-units are now some of the most eco-friendly homes in the state.

"With all the green elements that we incorporated into here, their utility bills have been dramatically lowered," Ezratti said.

"This is helping me and my kids financially a lot. So hopefully that will help me find another job or save more money for me and the kids it's like our little way to climb up stairs it's a big help," Flores said.

There is a waiting list to move-in to In The Pines. You can find out more about the community by clicking here .

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