Housing recovery being felt, numbers show

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Dawayne Tipton didn't need word of mouth to know he was getting new neighbors on NE 9th Street in Delray Beach.

"It has been a hassle, blocking the roads, traffic congestion," said Tipton.

Since Spring, developer Chuck Halberg has turned a vacant lot into three homes just down the street from him.

"The economy has changed that much in a year," said Halberg. "I couldn't have done this last year."

He says talk of a boom is everywhere.

"Two houses down (the street) were sold for $240k a year ago," said Halberg. "He just sold it for $350k."

There are signs of life across the southern part of Palm Beach County.

A new survey released by Florida Realtors seems to confirm this is more than just a good feeling.

"What were seeing is a rock solid stabilization," said Kevin Kent of the Realtors Association of Palm Beach.

The quarterly report from Florida Realtors shows pending sales are up year-over-year in Palm Beach County by around 64 percent, that median prices are up 14 percent and that homes are on the market for a third-less time.

"Psychologically, we're seeing so much in the overall economic recovery in Florida, our unemployment numbers are better," said Kent.

Of course, home values are still off at least a quarter since the bust hit, but it's good to have a better feeling, even if the immediate impact isn't convenient for some.

"There's constant activity here. People are working, so that's good for the economy," said Tipton.

The realtors association says that Palm Beach County, Broward and Miami Dade are the only three counties in the whole state that are expected to see prices rise until 2015.

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