Homeowners sue city of Delray Beach over approval of Atlantic Crossing project

Project to have office, retail and condo units

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Once Atlantic Crossing becomes a reality, people who live nearby fear getting around will be a nightmare. 

"I live down first street, there's only one way out. If there's an accident here we can't get out at all," said Bruce Leiner.

Leiner supports Atlantic Crossing, but wasn't happy when a critical road that was once part of the plan, disappeared. 

"The road was critical for our safety and to relieve traffic from the north and south neighborhoods," said Leiner.

He filed a lawsuit alleging the city approved the $200 million project without requiring the developer to build Atlantic Court. The road would've run east-west between Federal Highways and 7th Avenue. The approved plan didn't include the road..

Locals can only speculate why the road disappeared. 

"When they asked for additional density and height, they put it where the road used to be, it's simple economics," said Bob Ganger, with the Florida Coalition for Preservation.

Leiner says the lawsuit isn't meant to prevent Atlantic Crossing from being built, but to remind the city neighbors want the road.

"Our group doesn't oppose the project, but Atlantic Crossing needs to keep its promises," said Leiner.

Otherwise Leiner fears he and his neighbors will consider moving out. 

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