Help for mother of Canadian landslide victims

Friends volunteer to beautiful lawn

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -  They lost a close friend two weeks ago. Now, some Delray Beach teenagers are trying to help their friend's mother, who lost two daughters and her ex-husband in a landslide.

"We want to surprise her with a clean front yard. Recovery should be all she needs to worry about," says Shea Gouldd, a good friend of Rachel Webber, who was killed in the landslide.

17-year-old Rachel Webber is presumed dead after a landslide destroyed the home Rachel was in with her sister and father in British Columbia. In the two weeks since the tragedy, search crews have recovered the bodies of her father Val Webber, and sister Diana. Rachel is still missing.

"It's just so hard to accept when you're that close to someone that they could be gone," says Madison McCoy.

Rachel grew up in Delray Beach until she moved to Canada with her father one year ago. She attended Unity Middle School with a group that admired Rachel's strength.

"She was completely her own person and she was never going to change because she didn't have to. That's what everyone admired about her, we learned a lot from her," says Gouldd.

Feeling helpless and far away, her friends have decided to be there for Rachel's mother Lynn Migdal at this very tough time.

"I knew it would mean a lot to come home to a cleaned up yard and a way for the kids to channel their grief into something," says Lesley Marlo, Lynn's friend.

"It hurts, it always will and now we're trying to turn it to the positive and help Lynn any way we can and be grateful for everyday. It could've happened to anyone," says Gouldd.

It's a small chore these teens hope will help soothe the pain, even if just for a moment.

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