Free electric car charging stations open in Delray Wednesday

Near N. Swinton Ave. and NE 2nd St.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - By Wednesday afternoon, the city of Delray Beach will be offering free electric car charging stations to anyone who has an electric car.

A public lot near the corner of N. Swinton Ave. and NE 2nd St. is outfitted with three car chargers.

It's thrilling news for people like Andrew McClary of Boca, who two years ago got tired of waiting for car companies to make electric models that were cheaper than $100,000.

"It's really because of the oil companies and they have been trying to keep this technology out of our hands," said McClary.

So the architect, who also happens to be a car lover, built his own car, for about $20,000.

"When gasoline hit four dollars a gallon, I thought it'd be fun to build an electric car," said McClary.

With a giant battery in the back window, the sports car can potentially go 120 mph.

One of the reasons that McClary wanted to build this as a sports car, and not as a four-door model, is because he wanted to get the attention of the younger generation. He says that they need to be interested in electric cars.

"When I pull up to school sometimes in the morning, pop open the doors, it's a different car, it's quiet, it's silent," said Andy McClary, Andrew's teenaged son.

But there are drawbacks to electric cars.

His homemade model only goes twenty miles before it has to be recharged.

The Chevy Volt goes about fifty miles on a charge, and costs $40,000.

That's why he says public charging stations could convince people electric cars are more practical.

"Right now I may calculate, I'll see if I can make it to Delray Beach and I might be able to make it back, if I don't run into traffic and have to divert. If I go to Delray Beach, I can run in, have dinner, come back out, and I drive home," said McClary.

It will take about two hours to fully recharge his electric car.

Starting Wednesday, he can do that in downtown Delray.

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