Five teens arrested after burglary spree in Osceola Park neighborhood in Delray Beach

Police say they tracked them down using iPad app

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Five teens were arrested Friday after authorities in Delray Beach said they stole from 11 different homes in the Osceola Park neighborhood.

Four of the five teens were taken from their school and placed behind bars.

The teens are accused of stealing jewelry, video games and an iPad from residents over the last month.\

Police say the teens would knock on doors and if there was no answer would go into homes through the window.

Detectives said they were able to track the location of the teens because of a locator application installed on the stolen iPad.

"Yeah, I mean without that app it's amazing now with technology what we can do, that was huge. Another way for us to work with the community to track down these people that were committing these crimes," Delray Beach Police Department Sergeant  Nicole Guerriero.

Stephanie McKinley, the owner of the iPad, says she's moving out of the neighborhood. "It's beyond frustrating and disturbing and disgusting and disheartening, just where things are today"

Investigators said one of the boys had stolen property on him during an interview with the police.

"One of the kids they believed to be involved in the burglaries they brought in and, at the time they brought him in, he was wearing a pair of earrings that had been reported stolen." Sgt. Guerriero said.

The five teens arrested Thursday range in age from 16 to 17.

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