Food truck hunger

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A local brewery that sits west of I-95 in Delray Beach, is pushing for city officials to consider having food trucks at their establishment to keep the business flowing.

Food trucks are not permitted within the city limits because of an ordinance.

Salt Water Brewery is zoned in the city limits but sits just west of I-95 where there's very few food options.

The Delray Beach brewery has been open since December and is gaining popularity.

Bo Eaton, co-founder said, "Right out the gate, we got a ton of people coming in here, we've got a lot of regulars."

But the regulars only stick around long enough until they get hungry.

"Some people wish that they could stay longer because they want to have food, and some people have gotten the hang of going to Publix and bringing some platters," said Bo Eaton.

Seeing the need for food, with not too many eateries on the west side of Atlantic Avenue, the restauranteurs are pushing to have food trucks, at least in their area.

Restaurant owners on east Atlantic Avenue don't want food trucks interfering with food businesses already there.

Chris Gove, President of Salt Water Brewery said other municipalities are benefiting from food trucks.

"The other local breweries are working with the cities and they're doing very well in terms of food truck promotion and promotion of the city in general," said Gove.

Due South in Boynton Beach has profited from the food truck experience.

"We started off with just Fridays and Saturdays and now we're doing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights all here at the brewery with rotating options of food trucks," said Michael Jurewicz with Due South.

He says it's a boost the local economy.

"They're small businesses just like us and we try our best to help out the local small businesses, just as much as we love them helping us out," said Jurewicz.

Owners with Salt Water they've been working to get this issue on next months agenda.

City leaders said they support the idea of having food trucks at the brewery and are working on coming up with a solution.