Florida cyclists use 'Ride of Silence' to make loud statement to drivers, make roads safer

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- - Florida is one of the deadliest places in the country to ride a bike and on Wednesday night, riders from all over the state banded together to make the Sunshine State a safer place for both cyclists and motorists.

In Delray Beach, hundreds gathered for the national event called "Ride of Silence." It is aimed to bring awareness of bike riders on the roads to drivers.

Cyclists like Jordan Brown of Boca Raton are all too familiar with the consequences of motorists not seeing bikers.

"I mean I couldn't react after that. Just in a state of shock and disbelief. I just didn't think that he got killed," said Jordan Brown.

His father, Steven Brown, 58, was killed a little more than a month ago while he was riding his bike along Lyons Road. Investigators said Steven Brown was wearing a helmet and riding in a designated lane when he was hit from behind by a van.

"It's like a huge hole here that will take a long time to heal. A huge hole," said Dana Brown, the widow of Steven Brown.

The Brown family is not along.

Hundreds joined them on Wednesday from Delray Beach to Stuart for a "Ride of Silence." It honored those cyclists who have died and tried to get motorists to pay attention to those rolling down the road on two wheels.
"I just hope one person driving a car will think twice about giving a biker a little bit of space," said Dana Brown.

Florida statistics show the state is overwhelmingly above the national average for bicycle related deaths.

Throughout the state, Palm Beach County has the 5th most cycling deaths and the 3rd most injuries.

Jordan Brown said it makes it all the more important for riders to get the word out so what happened to him, does not happen to another family.

"It's bad that it happened and it's an unfortunate situation," said Jordan Brown. "I'm glad we're here right now to change the outlook and hopefully save a couple more lives."