Flooding in Delray Beach and Boca Raton creates traffic mess, stranded residents

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Flash flooding in Delray Beach and Boca Raton created a traffic mess and stranded residents waiting for waters to subside.

"I've been here close to two hours," said Mike Woodward, whose car was stuck on Linton Blvd. near Military Trail.

The water came quickly.

"It wasn't like this around the corner," said  But once you hit this road here, you're stuck," said Dave Jones.

Traffic backed up on Military Trail. for miles, as key intersections were stopped stone cold.

Natalie Castle, 90, was supposed to meet a friend in Fort Lauderdale.

But her car wound up stranded on a sidewalk outside her Kings Point apartment.

"I rolled up everything and I walked out with a pair of rubber walkers," said Castle.

Like all residents at the 55-and-over community, she got a reverse-911 call urging everyone to stay inside.

And some called 911 on their own.

Anita Beckerman of Kings Point needed assistance from a firefighter getting to her apartment.

"I sat in the car and I felt safe. I truly knew they would come," said Beckerman.

Natasha Rogacha was one of many who flooded rental car counters, only to be turned away.

"I tried to get a car for rent, and I'm on a waiting list for another day," said Rogacha.

Delray Beach Firefighters say they helped move at least twenty stranded cars.

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