Eric Fred Carlin: Father arrested for leaving 9-month-old baby in hot car

Father also arrested for drugs

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Eric Fred Carlin was arrested Saturday afternoon after leaving his 9-month-old baby in a hot car for nearly 20 minutes with no air conditioning, according to police.

Delray Beach police say Carlin was also arrested for possession of narcotics.

The baby is doing okay.

It was in the upper 80s around 4 p-m Saturday when the baby was found in a car outside of Tony's Deli on Atlantic Avenue.

Deli owner, Andrew Castardi, pulled the baby out of the unlocked vehicle.

"No hesitation because I have a one-year-old. No hesitation at all," Castardi said.

Surveillance video at Tony's Deli shows Carlin pulling into the parking lot around 3:52 p-m.

He is then seen walking off, leaving the baby behind and the doors unlocked. "Anybody could have taken the kid," said Castardi.

Video shows the father returning around 4:12 p-m, nearly 20 minutes later.

A customer was the first person to notice the baby.

"We walked by the car and I saw a baby in there covered with sweat," said Patrick Edwards.

Edwards was the one who notified Castardi. "I just couldn't believe someone would leave a kid in a car on a hot day like this," Edwards said.

Castardi is seen in surveillance taking the baby from the car.

He says he took the baby inside to put cold water on its head.

Castardi says Carlin eventually came inside the store to take the baby back.

"He came back, said no big deal. He was only in the car for 10 minutes," Castardi said.

Carlin left the store only to be met by police and an ambulance outside.

"They should leave him in the car with no air," Castardi said. "He's no father of the year, that's for sure."

Delray Beach police say the father has been charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, child neglect without great bodily harm and unattended child in a motor vehicle in excess of 15 minutes.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating the case.