Pointer mix rescued from open septic tank

WATCH RESCUE BELOW : bitly link for mobile users:  http://bit.ly/SBVGkN

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Firefighters are used to rescuing cats from trees.

Tuesday night it was a different type of pet rescue.

Crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Delray Beach Fire Rescue were called to rescue a large dog that had fallen into the owner's septic tank.

11-year-old Shelly somehow ended up covered in feces, six feet into the ground.

The septic tank was under repair and a majority, but not all, of the waste had been pumped out.

Delray Beach Fire Rescue and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Special Operations members set up a decontamination station.

Firefighters put on protective uniforms, entered the tank, and rescued the 96 pound pointer mix.

They used a makeshift harness to lift the dog out. It did not appear to be hurt, but the owners were urged to take the animal to a veterinarian to be checked out.

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