Delray Spends Nearly $500K on Concession Stand

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - It was old and dilapidated and now it's new and renovated.

The concession stand and press box at Pompey Park near Downtown Delray Beach is the latest addition to the park.

Saturday is considered game day for different kids who all showed up in their team colors.

"I think it's an opportunity for him to have fun and of course show his skills," Sabrina Jonson said about her son Kobe.

Her son and his friends play baseball at the park, which has three different fields and newly renovated concession stand and press box.

"It needed a facelift," Jonson said. "I think they did a beautiful job."

Unlike before the new concession stand faces Odom Field.

"Now it will be able to serve the people while they're looking at the field," Linda Karch of Delray Beach Parks and Recreation said. "But the other one had it where they were looking into a vestibule."

There are new handicap accessible bathrooms, storage areas, and most importantly a larger press room upstairs.

The old press box caused problems, Karch said.

"The outside stairs were wood and they would shake when they go up the stairs," Red Odom said.

Fixing that safety issue and renovating the concession stand though came with a cost of $456,710.

"We needed an elevator to take people to the second floor so the cost of the project escalated probably by double and that's where the controversy came in," Karch said.

When NewsChannel 5 tried the elevator it didn't go up to the second floor.  It did work going down from the second floor to the first though.

Despite the kinks, many parents were happy with the investment today.

"You do it right one time then it will last all most forever," Odom said.

"It's all about the children. It's all about making the community welcome and comfortable," Jonson said. "They're the future. "

The renovation of the concession stand and press room is the final phase of work being done at Pompey Park.  They also put in energy efficient lights in the baseball stadium and the tennis courts.

Work was done to the recreation center as well at the large park off Northwest 2 nd Street.

"That was an important feature," Karch said. "Once we did all the fields to the top quality then we could attract more people to the park."

Hopefully scoring big tournaments, which in turn brings home tourism dollars for Delray Beach.

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