Search and recovery efforts continue Saturday for 3 missing family members of Delray chiropractor

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A search and recovery effort was in full swing Saturday for three missing family members of a Delray Beach chiropractor.

A father and his two daughters went missing on Thursday after a landslide swept through a mountainous area of British Columbia, Canada.

Emergency crews said the landslide destroyed at least three homes in Johnson's Landing in the Kooteney Mountains.

Among the missing, Val Webber and his two daughters Diana and Rachel Webber.

Family said the girls split time with their father Val Webber who lives in Canada and their Mother, Lynn Migdal, who lives in Delray Beach.

Friends of Migdal, who were taking care of her home, said Migdal boarded a plane Saturday afternoon headed for the area of the search.

Ray Webber, the brother of Val Webber,  the girls' father, said he and other family members are hoping for the best, but that they feel helpless being so far away from the situation.

"I'm just besides myself not knowing what to do. It's real difficult just sitting here watching little clips and not knowing what's going on there. Not knowing if they found a safe place or not," he said.

Investigators at the site report the search for the missing family has been delayed multiple times because of unstable ground and wet weather.

Crews also said relaying information has been difficult because communication is limited in the remote area.

Family  members told WPTV NewsChannel 5 the one hope they are holding onto is that the home where the three are missing has a basement and they are hoping that is where their loved ones are, safe from the landslide.

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