Delray Beach woman searching for 'Roxy'; dog missing following home burglary

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A Delray Beach woman is on the search for her dog, after it went missing after someone broke into her home.

Ariella Jonas says her home has been broken into three times. This time, she worries thieves may have taken her most prized possession: her 9-year-old Boxer, Roxy.

Jonas says she came home after work on Friday to find her back window smashed, and her house ransacked.

"Some things were taken out of the cabinets as if they were looking for something particular," Jonas described.

Jonas made a list of more than a dozen stolen items, from jewelry to electronics.

She searched her home immediately. "I kept looking, 'where's Roxy?' Is she in the backyard?"

Roxy was missing, too. "I couldn't stop crying. Poor Roxy girl."

Jonas says in the two previous break-ins, thieves have locked Roxy in another room. She fears this time, she went with them.

"It was pretty upsetting. It's a whole other level of violation," Jonas said.

Delray Beach Police say it's not clear yet whether Roxy was stolen, or ran away during the burglary.

Jonas hopes that Roxy ran off in fear. "I just hate to think that someone would take her to keep for themselves. That would just be really heartbreaking."

Jonas is posting signs around her community with Roxy's picture hoping someone sees her.

"'I'm just going to keep praying and looking out the window and pray that she comes strolling up the driveway."

If you do see Roxy, you're asked to call the Delray Beach Police Department at 561-243-7800

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