Delray Beach police sifting through hundreds of leads to find driver in April 29th hit and run

Police looking for lime-green convertible mustang

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Private Investigator Robert Crispin relies on gadgets to solve crimes. But he says one missing piece of evidence can easily stop him in his tracks. 

"It's a very long shot without a tag number, it is very tough," said Crispin.

Crispin is referring to the hit and run April 29th that left 20-year-old Natalie Bucala with a fractured pelvis.

Several witnesses positively identify the car that hit her as a lime-green convertible Mustang. But Crispin says you can't just punch that information into a database and get an easy answer. 

"Thousands and thousands of vehicles would come up, there just isn't the manpower or resources to do that particular analysis," said Crispin.

Delray Beach police say they're running into roadblocks. Too many tips to similar vehicles, but not convertibles.

Plus, given the tourist nature of Delray Beach, the driver may not be local. 

"It may not just be a local vehicle, they could've rented it in Key West, in the northern part of the state and traveled down to this area to stay," said Sgt. Jeff Rasor, of the Delray Beach Police Dept.

"It's just a long tedious, methodical process from the accident scene backwards, to find out who committed that," said Crispin.

But Crispin says the lime-green color may end up solving the case. He says tips from someone who say the car, not a database, is more likely to lead to an arrest. 

"It's as good as you're going to get in this situation without a license tag," said Crispin.

Police have gone as far north as Jupiter to looks at cars They've checked out more than 20 lime green Mustangs so far. They say there is likely damage to the hood of the car.

Bucala is expected to make a full recovering, but it will be three months before she walks again without assistance.