Delray Beach police mourn the loss of Sergeant Adam Rosenthal

His absence is already being felt by the community

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - The devastation is still setting in at the Delray Beach Police department where colleagues refer to themselves as “a broken-hearted family.”

Sergeant Adam Rosenthal’s second family came together Thursday through the tears, hugs and memories.

Sgt. Nicole Guerrero says, "He had an amazing sense of humor. Adam touched so many people. He was a comforter. I knew him personally. If you needed comfort, he'd give it. He was just an amazing person.

The 39-year-old is also remembered as amazing husband and father of four.

His passion was policing and helping under-privileged children through a martial arts program he founded.

Through the Delray Judo Club which he operated out of XF Martial Arts in Delray Beach, friends say he changed the lives of hundreds of children, giving them an outlet, encouragement, and a father-figure to look up to.

A fellow instructor and friend, Howard Lewis, describes Rosenthal as the “kind of father anyone would wish for.”

Sgt. Guerrero says, “He was so many things to so many people. This is a huge loss for us."

A loss for the department he’s been a member of for 16-years, serving as an instructor, a patrol supervisor and on the SWAT team among other things.

His absence is already being felt by the community he served whose heartfelt messages - keep pouring in.

For all who knew the man remembered as larger than life in stature, passion and personality the death of Sergeant Adam Rosenthal - is still beyond comprehension.

Sgt. Jeffrey Messer says, "The phrase, the good die young is true this morning."

There will be a fundraiser for Rosenthal’s family Friday from 7am-9am outside of the Delray Beach Police department.

A fund has also been established.

Checks should be made payable to:
Memo portion must reflect: ADAM ROSENTHAL

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