Delray Beach Police Department trying new crime crime prevention initiative

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Delray Beach police rolled out a new crime prevention initiative Friday morning.

The Lock Your Doors, Keep What's Yours campaign will remind people to lock up their belongings before they leave their vehicles.

Officers passed out fliers and talked to people about crime prevention and safety.

They say Last year more than 600 cars were burglarized in Delray Beach, and half of those vehicles were unlocked.

Officers say they're surprised how many people still leave their doors unlocked.

"We'll have a neighborhood that gets hit  with sometimes 20 vehicle burglaries, everyone unlocked cause an individual is just walking around just pulling doors," said Delray Beach Assistant Chief Jeff Goldman.
The department also put together a five minute public service announcement about the campaign which will be featured on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page.

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