Delray Beach planning sky-high dinner

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Unless you've got a helicopter, you probably have no idea what Delray Beach looks like from 180 feet in the air.

But next week, you'll be able to have a meal suspended 18 stories up.

Tickets for Dinner in the Sky are $350 bucks for Delray residents, $500 for non-residents.

But here's what you get for it: A first-class meal of filet mignon, lobster, and an open bar; "180 feet up in the air, legs dangling, seats spinning round and round," said Michael Gallant, the managing partner of Dinner in the Sky.

A crane lifts a dinner table fitted with 22 seats and a chef.

Next Saturday, Oct. 20. they'll do four seatings, meaning 88 people will see Delray on a weekend night from an entirely new dimension.

"I've been told that once you're up, you can see for sixty miles in any direction. That'll take us almost all the way to Miami," said Sarah Martin, head of the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative.

It's exciting for a town where downtown buildings are limited to sixty feet.

Steve Nash paints Delray scenes, from the ground, of course. The shot to see it from 180 feet heightens his senses.

"Height is no problem in New York, but in Delray it's a challenge," said Nash. "From that perspective, it would be very interesting."

But he doubts he'll be able to afford it.

With a week to go, marketing staffers say they've only sold about half of the 88 seats. Even if they sell out, revenue won't match the $60,000 cost to host the event.

But the marketing cooperative says its worth it because of the attention the lift will bring.

This is the sixth time its been done in the United States.

"I have been trying to bring this to Delray for three years," said Martin. "We've become such a dining destination, I wanted something that could show it off."

For tickets, call  561-279-1380 ext. 17

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