Delray Beach pharmacy loses phones and some internet access for one week

Frustrated with Comcast's response

DELRAY BEACH - In this day and age, going without a phone or internet access for an hour is hard enough. A Delray Beach pharmacy had to deal with no phone service and spotty internet for the past seven days.

"I've spoken to Marty, Floyd, Elliot," Annette Mayer could list ten more names easily.

Normally, as the administrator at Ira's Discount Pharmacy, Mayer talks with customers. This past week, she's been in line at customer service with Comcast.

Last Monday, the phones stopped working, which meant no faxes or credit card machines.

And then the internet started cutting out. All the while, customers kept coming in and trying to call.

"They were complaining about not reaching us, not being able to get their prescriptions," explained Orna Dagan, the supervising pharmacist.

Dagan and other pharmacists started using their cell phones, but filling prescriptions with the software they use requires an internet connection.

Going without phones affected communication, of course, but Mayer says it also hurt the bottom line.

"The owner is telling us that we've lost probably $20,000 in business," Mayer said.

The internet started working again Monday.

Comcast showed up in the afternoon, while we were there. By the time they left, Mayer said they told employees all the phones should be up and running.

A Comcast spokesperson released this statement saying:  "Most important is that this is not the type of experience we want our customers to have, and we sincerely apologize to Ira's Pharmacy for this. We are looking into this to understand what happened and why it happened and we will continue to work hard on improving the experience for our customers.”

Mayer said the whole process has been frustrating. "It's just been spending all of five days on the phone calling here, there and everywhere with no resolution."

She hired an IT company to install a backup system should this ever happen again.

The WPTV Consumer Watchdog says when dealing with any service provider, document who and when you spoke with someone. Using the online web chat feature allows you to save your entire conversation. And complaining on social media oftentimes gets results. 

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