Salomon Melgen: Delray Beach office of accused eye doctor closed for the day

Patients told to reschedule appointments

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A small sign on the door to Salomon Melgen's office in Delray Beach alerted patients it was closed for the day.

The first-floor doctor's office is inside The Addison medical complex off Linton Blvd. about a half mile east of Jog Road.

Employees in neighboring offices say they hadn't seen police or FBI agents in the area. They say Malgen's office has only been around for a few months and is only open once or twice per week.

One patient had this to say in response to the allegations against Melgen.

"When they said he was $10 million in the hole with the IRS I was stunned. I thought he must be off his rocker, there is something wrong," says Melton Green.

We checked into Melgen's medical background, he's had his doctor's license since 1986. There is no disciplinary action on his file and no public complaints.

An operator for his Delray Beach office says the location will be back open on Thursday.

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