Delray Beach hit-and-run driver who struck rollerblader remains on the loose, victim is recovering

Friends of victim hanging posters, canvassing area

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- - Struck by a hit-and-run driver, a Delray Beach rollerblader returned home from the hospital on Tuesday night a week after being plowed along Atlantic Avenue.

The driver who hit Natalie Bucala, 20, remains a free man a week after fleeing the scene.

Investigators with Delray Beach Police said they are still looking for the driver of a lime green, convertible Ford Mustang.

"It's crazy that he's still out there you know living his life completely normal. Mine has so changed," said Bucala.

Constantly dizzy and barely able to walk, life for Bucala has been a struggle since she got hit on Tuesday. She is covered in bruises, has a torn ACL and a fractured pelvis.

What Bucala does not have is closure or an arrest.

"It's really crazy being that it's such a distinct car. You know there's not that many lime green, convertible Mustangs driving around you know," said Bucala.

Feeling frustrated and impatient that no one has been arrested for what happened along the intracoastal bridge in Delray Beach, friends of Bucala have started canvassing the area with "WANTED" posters they made.

"I mean just to get the guy that did this. He needs to be found. Hitting someone is one thing, but leaving the scene in another," said Karina Tamara, a friend.

Friends have been going from store-to-store along Atlantic Avenue asking if anyone saw anything the night Bucala was hit. They have also used Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.

Bucala just wants whoever is responsible to be caught for the entire community.

"I could have died. I mean who knows? And what if he was to do it to someone else? I don't want anyone else to have to go through this or worse," said Bucala.

When reached for comment, the Delray Beach Police Department did not return calls or emails about the investigation.


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