Delray Beach gets a new digital kiosk on Atlantic Avenue

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - You might run into a new piece of technology next time you're in Delray Beach.

Atlantic Avenue now has the first ever digital interactive guide right along its sidewalks.

"You can just come down and see what kinds of events and restaurants are going on," said Delray Beach high school student Natasha Leonard.

The kiosk is a touch-screen map and information board that's all Atlantic Avenue, all the time.

"You would figure Europe or Asia would have something like this... But it's the first one in the world," said Dan Kinney, the CEO of Blueweb Mobile Media, which has also installed wireless web on the avenue.

Among other things, the kiosks have movable satellite pictures and information on businesses.

Businesses can buy ads, which keep the service free to the public.

Delray's Marketing Cooperative says it helps keep the bustling business district up-front.

"I can click here on Cafe Luna Rosa, and it'll bring me to an image of their front door," said the CEO of the Marketing Cooperative, Sarah Martin.

But there is a small hiccup.

BlueWeb wants to install eight kiosks up and down the avenue.

But the city has an ordinance banning advertising that isn't on that store's storefront.

The city's lawyers are trying to figure out whether this violates the ban."

Only merchants that pay to have their logos on the map will pop up under the different categories.

"If you call that advertising, I don't. I call it a way to actually showcase a merchant in a way that's interactive and spectacular," said Kinney.

Kinney says the benefit to the public is too great to let the opportunity slip by.

City officials were unavailable to talk to us on camera, but the issue will be discussed during a January workshop meeting.

BlueWeb Mobile Media says its working on a similar program in Sarasota.