Delray Beach combating erosion with beach renourishment project

City requested federal aid to help pay for project

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Beaches from Sebastian to Boca Raton are more prone to erosion with the high winds over the last few days. The city of Delray Beach hopes federal funds can help minimize the problem. 

"If something doesn't happen, Florida's most precious resource is gonna literally blow away," said avid diver Brad Taylor.

To combat the problem, city leaders requested federal aid to pay for half of a $10 million beach re-nourishment project. The Army Corps of Engineers agreed to reimburse the city if there's funding available. But it's not a done deal yet.

"The city would have to take out a loan first, then the feds could be reimbursing the city of Delray Beach," said Delray Beach City Commissioner Adam Frankel.

For the last 50 years, federal dollars have been used by Delray Beach. Now locals are keeping their fingers crossed that history will repeat itself.

"I'm a surfer, a diver, I'm all about the beach, I love it and don't want to see it go away," says Taylor.

City commissioners are hoping to keep re-nourishment projects up, not only for tourism, but for the simple reason of public safety.

NewsChannel 5's Kristyn Caddell contributed to this report.

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