Dante Weir: Olympic Heights High School senior shot, killed at party over the weekend

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A man shot and killed this weekend in Delray Beach has been identified as a senior at Olympic Heights High School in suburban Boca Raton.

Police identified the victim as Dante Weir, 18. Weir was shot at a party, according to officials.

Around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, police responded to sounds of gunfire in the 1000 block of Bauhinia Road, according to Delray Beach Police Department spokesperson Jeffrey Messer.

Messer said police could not find an injured victim when they arrived at the scene.

Staff at Delray Medical Center later notified Delray Beach police that a man with a gunshot wound was brought to the hospital.

A busted window still remains at the house, which turned into a murder scene Saturday night.

Investigators say a gunman crashed a party there and opened fire.

"Numerous shots fired by the one person and one person was struck and this could've been multiple people that were struck," Sgt. Gene Sapino of Delray Beach Police said.

We spoke to the student's mother, Leslie Young, by phone because she isn't in town.

She said she was at the hospital when her son was pronounced dead.

"There had to have been a good 50 to 60 children in support of him and our family," she said. "This is the worst thing that a family can deal with."

We tried to talk to people at the Bauhinia Road house, but they declined.

There was loud music playing and younger people who answered the door and asked news media to leave the property.

Delray beach police say there were no parents at the party over the weekend.

There was alcohol though and numerous Olympic Heights High School students.

"It seems like a couple kids got together, had some alcohol and acted out without any motive or reason," Sgt. Sapino said.

Police say party-goers didn't know the shooter.

Those in attendance are telling many different stories though to investigators and Weir's mother.

"It's turned into a wildfire situation," she said. "One person says one thing happened, one person says another happened. I will never know the truth."

She hopes the public will help investigators find  the truth.

Hopefully finding out who took her son's life just months before he was set to graduate high school.

"Our family would be so grateful," she said.

If you know any information you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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