Dante Weir case: Matthew M. Toresco arrested in Olympic Heights High School student's murder case

Suspect is a gang member, police say

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Police say the man arrested in connection to the murder of an Olympic Heights High School student at a weekend Delray Beach house party was a documented member of the Bloods street gang.

Matthew M. Toresco, 19, was arrested Wednesday night, charged with second-degree murder. He was denied bond at his first appearance in court Thursday morning.

At a news conference Thursday, police said Dante Weir was an innocent bystander when they suspect Toresco opened fire at the house party.

With the help of the US Marshal Service, Toresco was found at his father's home in Lake Worth. They say the 22-caliber revolver suspected of being used during the shooting was located during a search of Toresco's home.

Saturday, during a high school party at a residence in the 1000 block of Bauhinia Road, investigators say an altercation broke out among some of the people at the party.

Detectives said Toresco, who was not invited, showed up possibly to try and defend his friends who were involved in the fight and that he began shooting his gun in the air and then into the crowd.

Weir was struck and later died at Delray Medical Center.

"There was no need for this, I mean we have kids fight all the time. It happens all over. Over someone to come and bring a gun to a party for no reason, and shoot some innocent victim, that's totally unjustified and it's hard to imagine," Sgt. Gene Sapino said.

Police said Toresco has a long criminal history with 10 felony arrests on charges ranging from burglary, to robbery, to aggravated assault. And now he is charged with murder.

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