Police continue to question Beauchamp about the two children found dead in a canal

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Police continue to question 37-year-old Clem Beauchamp about the two two children found dead in a canal Wednesday.

At the same time, authorities are also guarding his house, possibly in preparation for a search.

After hours of having 105 Southwest 7th Avenue surrounded, police finally explained why.

"We have Clem Beauchamp as a suspect and he is being interviewed by detectives," said Nicole Guerriero, a spokesperson for Delray Beach Police.

Neighbors, who seem fixated on Beauchamp's house, and the fate of the two children who often played in front, can't believe it. Authorities have not stated whether he was related to the victims or not.

Beauchamp has previous arrests for domestic violence and violating an order pertaining to custody of a child.

A fight broke out between two groups of neighbors, who say they're family of the dead children and the suspect, and had to be broken up by the police Thursday evening.

"It's personal. I know the people, I know the mom, I know the dad, it's real person, it's crazy, it's just real crazy around here," said Tameka Jackson, a neighbor:

Curiosity continued to grow after Beauchamp was named a suspect in the death of the kids he cared for.

A teenager who lives nearby said she used to see them in front of the home all the time.

"They always loved playing football, and the little girl would always run around playing with my niece," said "Rosie Lopez, another neighbor. "She would come once in a while, when she sees us outside. If she hears us play, she'll come and try to hang out with us."

Police still have not confirmed the identities of the two children they found. They also haven't said how they were killed, or when.

The body of a girl, who appeared to be between 6 and 10 years old, was found in a duffel bag around 9 a.m. Wednesday in the C-15 canal.

Police were doing a routine search for evidence, when they found the second child, a boy, stuffed in a suitcase around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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