Boca Raton woman searches for Good Samaritan who returned wallet untouched

Wallet returned via UPS

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - It's been a rough few weeks for Allison Ruconich of Boca Raton. She lost her wallet on Monday, and feared the worst - that her identity might be compromised.

She filed a police report and put a hold on her credit cards, but then 48 hours later it arrived via UPS.

"I didn't think anything of it, then I opened it and absolutely amazing, there is my wallet, with everything still inside," says Ruconich.

Relieved and grateful, she tried to find out who was good enough to mail it to her. She found a name "Michael" and number and tried to call.

When that didn't work, she tracked down the person at work - but he was out of town on vacation. When asked why it was so important to thank him in person, Ruconich said "It's something that needs to be recognized".

Ruconich relayed the story to Michael's boss. Then she tried him one last time on the phone, got him and thanked him.

"You can tell he's a humble person and he probably didn't want the recognition, but he deserves it," says Ruconich.

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