Belgium firefighters headed to Delray Beach for St. Patrick's Day when US Airways plane blew tire

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Some of the passengers on board a plane that blew a tire during take off Thursday in Philadelphia will be marching in the Delray Beach St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday.

Twenty-four firefighters and paramedics from Belgium finally made it to South Florida on Friday morning after their U.S. Airways jet blew a tire and skidded to the end of the runway nose down in Philadelphia.

"It bounces three times and into the ground,” said Seppo Piessens, a member of the Belgian Fire Observers, “You don't see nothing, only the window and I'm thinking ‘this is my last flight.’ "

All of the firefighters are OK and the organizers for the St. Patrick's Day parade said they made sure their fellow passengers were too.

"They're all paramedics, and they're all firefighters.  They helped and assisted the passengers off the plane and were a big help.  We're glad they're here," John Fischer, President of Code 3 events, the group organizing the parade.

The Delray Beach St. Patrick's Day parade along Atlantic Avenue begins at 2 p.m Saturday.

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