Banning texting while driving?

Politicians want limit on phone use while driving

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Laura Cruz admits she likes to answer her cell phone or text when in her car. Laura said, "I can blame myself for doing it. I text and drive sometimes. I try to wait for the red light, but sometimes you can't."

This year there's a renewed effort at what motorists do while driving. Two politicians have two separate bills to present. Representative Irv Slosberg wants to ban cell phone use for drivers under the age of 18. He said, "Parents will want to rest a little easier, they don't really want their kids to be texting and driving so one of my bills has to do with no texting no cell phone, no nothing for children who are driving on our roads.

Senator Maria Sachs wants to propose a bill that would affect all drivers. She says drivers should only use their cell phones if they are using a hands free device.

"If you are driving, drive, wait until later to do the other communications that are so important maybe so important to you, but not as important as safety on the road when you are driving," said Senator Sachs.
Several states across the country have some type of law banning cell phone use while driving. Representative Slosberg said, "There are some good children who are good drivers. However even the children who are good drivers they don't have the experience."

Senator Sachs added, "So what my bill does is,  it bans all forms of distractive driving while a person is behind the wheel and in control a motor vehicle."  It's a ban that could affect drivers like Laura. "I would be ok with it. I would agree to it, because I know it's dangerous and I know it should not be done. But as long as people can do it, they are going to do it."


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