Atlantic High School wins World Robotic Championship

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Atlantic High School in Delray Beach is the home to a new world champion robot,  built by it's own students.

"Yeah it was absolutely insane, 3 in a half-thousand teams throughout the world and we were the ones that climbed the ladder and somehow got to the very top," said Kirill Safin.

The Eagles Robotics Xperience team competed this past weekend in the robotics world competition in St. Louis. Saturday night, there were crowned number one.

"It was a blur and just so much fun," said Rohan Challa

13 students and several mentors make up the team. A team that defeated more than 120 others from all over the world.

Together the team built a mechanical robot able to pick up three balls at a time and toss them into a cylinder. And the students say, their robot by far outscored the opponents.

"I'm very proud of ours, when you look at the other robots, they're like snails, ours is just zooming across the field so it helps us keep scoring even if we're playing defense," said Challa.

Recently this same team won 2nd place in the state competition, and 2nd place in the super regional competitions.

"This team is amazing, the first in the world, from programming, to mechanical engineering, to everything else that goes into along with a team, teamwork," said Vladimir Safin.

While the win was impressive, students say it's been a long time coming, especially since they only started competing 3 years ago.

"It was constant working on the robots, up until 2 a.m., and that's really what got us here, the perseverance audacity and dedication, and we managed it," saod Safin.