Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach: Community leaders meet with residents about expansion project

 DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--  Members of the West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition and the city of Delray Beach met with residents Saturday to discuss an expansion project. Plans for the project were first created in 1993.

The project involves portions of Atlantic Avenue, from Interstate 95 to Swinton Avenue.

Greg Buckle, the project's planning facilitator, says "I would say about 40% of it has been developed, and it's old development from the 50s and 60s that's been revamped."

Vice Mayor Tom Carney says "it was a great opportunity to hear the views of the residents as to what they would like to see, the priorities and needs they have for this corridor."

At Saturday's meeting, residents told local leaders they need a larger grocery store, a pharmacy, and a sports bar. But those were just a few of their requests.

Also coming to this portion of the city is a new hotel. City leaders hope the new addition will bring more businesses to the area, along with more jobs and room for growth.

The input from Saturday's meeting will be put into a report. City leaders say the report should be ready in about 7-10 days. After it's complete, they will look at the information and then go forward with the expansion project.

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