As food stamps are cutback, families turn to food banks for help

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Susan Privett counts her blessings when she picks up food at the Jacobson Family Food Pantry in Delray Beach. She gets to choose what she and her family will eat. 

"I pick out what I want, what I like and can have, the chicken is a big help," said Privett.

A big help where Susan needs it. Her food stamps were just cut from $200 dollars per month to $189.

"It adds up, $200 wasn't enough, now it's $189, who knows what it will drop to," says Privett.

Privett is one of 100 more clients depending on the food pantry in the last year. 

Nearby Boca Helping Hands is also seeing a greater need. The food bank handed out 5,000 more bags of groceries in 2013 that 2012.

Those in charge say people come for different reasons. 

"The food stamp programs are cut, loss of a job, loss of a spouse. And if they get a new job they're getting paid 50% less," said Beth Levine of Rales Jewish Family Services which operates the Jacobson Family Food Pantry.

She worries the need will only get greater as programs are cut back.

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