Armed Robbery at Delray Beach Community Market leaves two customers dead

Double homicide is similar to earlier incident

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Two are dead after two attacks on Delray Beach convenience stores within twelve hours.

The shootings have also inspired community leaders to get a new handle on violence in the city. Bullet holes and broken glass mark the first shooting.

It happened at 7:30 on Saturday night at West Atlantic Avenue's "Community Market" which is just a few hundred feet from I-95.

"It's scary. A scary situation," said one clerk, who did not want to be named.

The clerk says two men with bandanas over their faces marched in with guns out, looking for cash. He says they targeted one customer.

"He just gave him his wallet and he ran. They followed him, one of the shooters followed him and started shooting at him."

No one was injured in that shooting.

But twelve hours later, at 6am at a convenience store on Southwest 10th, it happened again.

Police say it couldve been the same two guys who came in and started firing and grabbing whatever money they could.

This time, two customers were hit by bullets - and killed.

"Very upset. The innocent people died for nothing," said a clerk there, who also did not want to be named.

Buck Mosley of Delray Beach says his cousin was one of the people killed.

"There's no words that can explain it," said Mosley. "Everyone right now taking it very, very hard."

Chuck Ridley is a neighborhood organizer who says the time has come to re-form an old anti-violence group that was active more than a decade ago.

"As citizens, we are sending out the call now for us to take our neighborhood back."

Though police are still trying to figure out whether these particular suspects are even from Delray Beach, Ridley says these bullet holes are symbolic of deep problems Delray Beach has: unemployment, drugs and violence.

"The onus of this has to come from the neighborhood," said Ridley. "It's a breakdown of the family, it's a breakdown of all the institutions. But in Delray Beach, we hold ourselves to a different standard."

Police say they may release surveillance video of the two shootings on Monday.

Police are looking for two men. The first is a male described as African American, between five-foot-six and five-foot-eight wearing a dark hat with a red bill.

Police say he had dark shoes with light colored soles and was wearing a bandana over his face.

The second is described as an African American male who is slightly taller than the first subject wearing a light gray jacket with dark shorts that reached below his knees. He also had a bandana over his face.

The Delray Beach Police Department is currently attempting to notify all family members of the deceased subjects of this incident.  Once complete, their names will be made public.

Anyone with information on this of any other crime is asked to contact Detective Joseph Hart at (561) 6220, or Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 458 TIPS.

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