7 Grand Slam Winner takes on teen at Delray Beach International Tennis Tournament

Wilander On Wheels surprises young player

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - At the tender age of six, Daniel Levine first picked up a tennis racquet. He loves the game so much, he hardly puts it down.

"Probably looking to play college and see where that takes me," says Levine.

But something made Friday out on the court a little different. He's playing with seven-time Grand Slam Champion Mats Wilander, thanks to a program where old pros take on young players and amateurs.

"It's more about spreading the love for the game, these people are die-hard fans and you need them for this great game to be carried out," says Wilander.

Covered in sweat and ready for a water break, Daniel gets the surprise of a lifetime. Out walks John McEnroe to play.

"When he first walked out I couldn't recognize him, he had a had on and shades. Then I thought whoa, that's John McEnroe, I had no idea," says Levine.

Weak at the knees, Daniel picked up his racquet for a game he'd never forget. With his parents looking proudly on.

"It's the thrill of a lifetime, an opportunity to see your son out there with John McEnroe, it leaves you speechless," says Russell Levine, Daniel's father.

Never in a million years Daniel says, did he ever think he'd play with two of the greatest in the world, one right after the other.

"It's pretty crazy to go back and tell my friends I got to play with Mats and McEnroe," says Levine.

The program that made it possible is called Wilander On Wheels.  

For more information visit www.wilanderonwheels.com


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