Warning to pet owners about hot cars and animals

Dog sitter Joy Levy says the summer sun can be dangerous for pooches, especially during car rides. "Car heats up in the sun you have to make sure you do your errands without the dogs in the car with you."
Boynton Beach investigators used social media to answer questions Tuesday about what exactly people can do when they see an animal locked in a vehicle. 
"I don't think that the majority of pet owners understand the grave situation that they put their animal in,” said Boynton Beach Animal Cruelty Investigator Liz Roehrich.
It’s against the law in Palm Beach County to leave an animal in the car, no matter the temperature.
"Dogs don't have sweat glands and they have no ability to cool their body temperature off."
Police say the temperature in a car can rise just within 5 minutes.
Boynton Beach police say they're averaging a call a day regarding an animal in a hot car.
If you see an animal left in a car, Boynton Beach police say contact them immediately so they can respond.