Walmart Black Friday protest: Dr. Joni Albrecht organizing a protest in Boynton Beach

Organizers hoping workers join boycott

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Walmart is hoping for long lines at the checkout counter on Black Friday.

But there might also be a picket line.

"I think the only language that is understood by these big corporations is money," said Dr. Joni Albrecht.

Albrecht is organizing a protest in Boynton Beach for Black Friday, one of a thousand planned nationwide.

The goal is to shine attention on Walmart's hourly wage.

Walmart says it's more than $12 an hour but one national study reports an hourly rate at $8.81.

That's about a dollar above Florida's minimum wage of $7.67.

Albrecht hopes employees join as they have in other states.

"Whoever does step out and go on strike is very brave. The rest of us are saying, why can't we support them?"

Walmart said that it didn't believe people participating in the protests were actual Walmart associates.

They say they're merely union stand-ins.

Further, Wamart says they do treat workers well, and point to stats that show 250,000 associates have worked for them for at least ten years and that 165,000 were given promotions last year.

Walmart says that there could be consequences for employees who walk out in the middle of the workday, which just so happens to be the busiest workday of the year.

Albrecht says it's outrageous that a company making $15 billion a year would pay a wage that often forces state governments to pick up the tab for health coverage.

"These are people that want to work. But they also want to be able to support their families on what they make. They're the one that makes Walmart have their profits," said Albrecht.

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