Volunteers in Palm Beach County get out the vote

BOCA RATON, Fla. - On the eve of election day, hundreds of volunteers in our area will go to sleep wondering if they've done enough.

They've poured their lives into working for the presidential candidates to get out the vote.

Volunteers from two campaigns spent Monday trying to seal the deal.

A  five-person Romney team went door-to-door for ten hours near Boynton Beach on Monday night. One volunteer even flew in from Colorado in hopes of painting Florida red.

"Surprisingly so, we've found people who do not know who they're going to vote for," said volunteer Ann Bordine of Juno Beach.

"The campaign is more than just TV advertisements, they're real people making real deliveries," said Andre Kazanjian, a volunteer in Colorado.

Their clipboard has a list of registered Republicans given to them by Romney's office in West Palm.

"All those people who have not voted, we're going to try to target them by phone and in-person, morning, afternoon and evening, hopefully, idealistically, get every last person by 7 p.m.," said Kazanjian.

Vivian and Robert Greene have a clipboard too. They're a husband and wife supporting President Obama. She'll do everything short of marking your ballot.

"She said I'll vote if you drive me. I said, ok, I'll drive you.  I'm picking her up at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. We're going to drop her daughter off at preschool, I'm taking her over to the polling station, I'm going to wait with her while she votes, and I'm going to drive her home," said Vivian.

In two days, she's knocked on nearly 200 doors. In the last two months, she's held debate parties, made phone calls and successfully nudged her registered Republican husband to vote for the president.

"I raised my hand, you bet, I'll do something, I don't want to wake up the day after the election and think I hadn't done anything, " she added.

Tuesday is not a day of rest for volunteers. They'll spend the day doing more door knocking and more phone calling. To them, every vote counts.

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