Veggie Mobile travels through Boynton Beach, brings organic produce to seniors

Michelle Davis loves working with seniors.
"They got more jokes than Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock , man they have jokes," said Davis.
That's why she spends 7 days a week with them at the Boynton Beach Caring Center.
"I know them, I pretty much know them and those I didn't know, I know now," said Davis.
Michelle is the driver for the senior veggie mobile program.
Oranges, pineapples, and tomatoes are just some of the produce Michelle drives around. 
She makes over 200 stops to seniors per week.
"Most of the time I am the highlight of their week, and that's why we try and bring them hope, we try and bring positive spirit to their lives," said Davis.
Many of the seniors do not own cars.
They rely on the veggie mobile for their fruits and vegetables.
Connie Jones loves the veggie mobile. 
Jones is a diabetic. 
She says the food truck helps with her grocery bill, and nutrition
Especially when you get to my age, vegetables are very important to me, I try and stay on my diet because I know, I  don't want to lose no limb," said Jones.
And for Davis, just knowing that she's serving hundreds of seniors in the city she grew up in, she wouldn't give her job for the world.
"When I lay down at night everything is well with my soul, that I've done everything that I can for each and every one of them," said Davis.
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