Kathy Reed: Mother arrested after 2-year-old boy found wandering in Boynton Beach

Mom faces child neglect charge

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Lt. Doug Brant  was on his way to work just before 6 a.m. Tuesday when he spotted a little boy in the middle of the road at Congress Avenue and Boynton Beach Boulevard.

Brant says he was coming from a gym when he made the surprising discovery. He says he was in the right place at the right time.

"I've seen some crazy stuff in this department, but I've never seen a baby in the middle of the street at six in the morning." He added, "I pulled my truck up to block it off in case something came and hit and then I got out, grabbed the baby, and sat there for a minute and it was unreal... I was like 'now what do I do?' "

Police and fire rescue were contacted.

Officers knocked on doors in the neighboring  communities in an effort to locate the boy's parents, but were initially unable to find  them.

Dispatch also sent out a reverse 911 call to homes in that area.

Shortly after the boy's photo was released to news outlets, someone remembered him wandering in the Boynton Landings community previously and called police.

Officers responded to an apartment in Boynton Landings and identified the boy's mother and her boyfriend.

Originally police thought they found the child's father, but it was the mother's boyfriend. 

Ross Gutwein answered the door at the apartment in Boynton Landings and police asked him if he had a small child.

Gutwein stated his girlfriend, Kathy Reed, has a small boy.

Officers asked him to check and see if he was in his bed. He came back stating he was not.

Gutwein then woke up Kathy Reed and she spoke to officers. At around 7:45 a-m, Reed stated that she went to bed at 3:00 and locked the doors.

She said she had no idea he was gone.

The boy was taken to the Boynton Beach Police Department. Officers say he is smiling, eating snacks and watching cartoons.

The boy's mother is in custody and will face a child neglect charge.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has been notified and will make the determination as to who will take custody of him.

Police said this isn't the first time the child has been found wandering. Witnesses told police the child had been found wandering the neighborhood alone before Tuesday's incident.

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