Two arrested for stealing woman's purse outside Walmart

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- Two people were arrested Tuesday after a purse snatching at a Boynton Beach Walmart.

Surveillance video from the Walmart at 3625 South Federal Highway released by Boynton Beach police shows Edward Youngblood, 81, and Sherry Gross, 64, of Delray Beach walking out of the store when a man grabs Gross' purse from her cart.

Gross and her husband Youngblood ran after the man, later identified as Brandon Clifford Graese of Delray Beach, according to an incident report.

When Gross and Youngblood attempted to take the purse back from Graese, police said a silver Honda pulled up beside them and Graese jumped in.

Officers said the front passenger door of the vehicle struck Youngblood as he attempted to stop the vehicle with his cane. Youngblood can be seen falling to the ground as the vehicle speeds away in the video. Gross also told police her finger nail was ripped off during the struggle.

Police were called to the scene and immediately searched for a vehicle matching witness descriptions. After a traffic stop and interviews, police arrested the car's driver, Amy Kaufman, 26, and her passenger Graese.

Graese and Kaufman were each charged with one count of robber by sudden snatching and one count of aggravated battery on persons 65 years of age or older.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Captain Matt Eisenberg says shoppers should be aware of their surroundings, hold on to your purse and don't carry around many valuables.

He also suggests elderly shoppers get help out to the car.

"Often retailers will walk you out to your car, if you have a lot of bags, or if you feel vulnerable," says Capt. Eisenberg.

He also suggests alerting store management or security if you feel someone is following you inside the store.


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