Town of Gulf Stream settles with resident, agreement includes $180,000 payment

O'Boyle says he won't turn home into sober house

GULF STREAM, Fla. - Marty O'Boyle no longer needs to use the four walls of his home as a canvas to speak his mind. Paint rollers erased insults aimed at Gulf Stream town leaders that covered O'Boyle's home for weeks.

Back in April, town administrators tried to stop him from renovating his home in a way leaders say violated town code. O'Boyle fought back with insults and may have won.

"It's like winning a 15-round fight, you get beat up and you're sad about that but you're pleased you won the fight," said O'Boyle.

Not only did town leaders drop the code violated filed against O'Boyle, the town is paying him $180,000 as part of the settlement, and will look into changing the code.

The most important thing for O'Boyle is that he can renovate his home as he sees fit. He says the town never should've interfered.

According to an apology in the settlement, apparently the town agreed:

"The Town recognized the stress and strife that the O'Boyle family endured as a results of Town conduct. O'Boyle's actions will ultimately result in Gulf Stream being a better and friendlier place to live."

"You have to knock politicians down a notch to get them to look at it and that is what happened. They looked at it and said it's wrong," said O'Boyle.

O'Boyle has 25 days to remove or cover up all of the insults and cartoons on his home.

Attempts to reach out to town leaders and neighbors were unsuccessful.

O'Boyle said he is no longer interested in turning his home into a sober house, now that he can renovate it.


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