Pope Francis: St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary celebrates Pope announcement

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - More than 80 seminarians were taken out of their classes at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach and filed into the auditorium Wednesday afternoon to watch the announcement of the new Pope.

They all were glued to the projector waiting to see who would emerge in the balcony.

There was immediate excitement from the entire group, who stood up and cheered once they heard the announcement.

Argentinean Matias Hualpa was really excited.

"At first I didn't understand it because they were speaking Latin," Hualpa said. "When I heard Bergoglio I said that's from Argentina! I started pounding on the seminarian next to me. 'He's from Argentina!' I was filled with emotion."

Hualpa believes the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is great because much of the Catholic population lives in Latin America.

Hualpa's family shared that excitement on the phone after the announcement.

"I have family in Argentina and they were calling me and they were all crying," Hualpa said. "People are already going out and going on the streets."

Bergoglio is the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Hualpa said he learned a lot about the new Pope when he was in that position.

"He's a very humble man," Hualpa said. "I live in Buenos Aires for four years and he used to take the Subway. He didn't have a car to get around."

His simplicity is why St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary Rector, Monsignor David Toups believes the new Jesuit Pope chose the name Francis. 

"He's telling us two things," Monsignor Toups said. "He's simple and he's also telling us evangelization. We have to get out, we can't just stay in our churches and do our thing it's about the new evangelization. It's a new day."

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