South Florida friends push for peace between Israel and Palestine

Launch Facebook group promoting unity

BOYNTON BEACH - The conflict between Israel and Palestine continues with no clear end in sight. An agreed upon cease-fire lasted only two hours Friday.

Still two south Florida remain optimistic both sides can live together peacefully. The unlikely friends have a strong message.

Meet Mohamed Ghumrawi, a Muslim of Palestinian descent, born and raised in Boynton Beach. Friends call him Mo. Friends like Sholom Neistein; a Miami Jew who considers Israel his homeland.

The latest scenes on television suggest all Palestinians and Israelis don't get along. But that isn't the case for Ghumrawi and Neistein who met in college and remain close friends.

"The list of what we disagree on is very short, but the list of what we do agree on is very long," Ghumrawi pointed out.

They admitted they argue, but they agree on basic principals.

Now, their friendship is getting attention. First on National Public Radio, then on MSNBC and others. "What motivates us is the fact that we've motivated other individuals," Neistein said.

So the pair is taking the attention and starting a movement. They launched a Facebook page two days ago called "Humans Refusing to be Enemies." They're mantra is together we are better.

"If we can have this relationship even though we have our disagreements, so many others can have this relationship," Neistein explained.

They want to crush stereotypes and inequalities, move away from violence, and be an example of what peace looks like. "Our relationship doesn't have to be taboo," said Ghumrawi. "This should be the norm and being enemies should be taboo."

With their lead, that day may come sooner rather than later.

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