Sea Angels clean the beaches and turn litter into works of art

Boynton Beach, Fla. - Robyn Halasz is passionate about keeping our beaches clean, and inspiring others to do the same.

"People like to go to the beach and look out here, but when you look down you see there's a lot of litter which is an issue and we want to get the young kids and the teenagers and young adults out here because they're the ones that can actually make the real changes in the future."

She along with her husband and friends started up the non-profit environmental group called the "Sea Angels"

They collect thousands of pieces of litter every time they go out and rather than just throw it away and clog the landfills, Halasz came up with a very creative way to use it, making artwork like a dolphin made up of cigarette butts.

She calls it 'up-cycling.

"I always like to be a little crazy creative…and I thought well what can I do with this? So I made a straw fish…and people responded pretty well to it"

She's made more. Flowers from cans, bottle cap iguanas, and a mermaid with a tail made from  juice pouches.   

"From her eye lashes being forks to a Mylar bikini top…all of that represents what we're finding out there and what's a danger to our ocean" Halasz says.

All of her 'up cycling art is on display to get people talking trash.

A passer-by looks at the art and can't believe it's all trash. "It's all made out of junk, I've never seen anything like that…have you?"

If you want more information on the Sea Angels, LIKE their Facebook page, Sea Angels Beach Cleanup of Boynton Beach