School police investigating possible child abduction attempt in Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- The mother of a Palm Beach County kindergartner at Galaxy Elementary says a school bus mix-up left her child in a stranger's hands.

"I was nervous about the bus to begin with, and I guess I should have listened to myself," said Melissa Berthiaume of Boynton Beach.

She says she was waiting at the usual afternoon drop off point, at the intersection of Winfield Road and Laurence Road in Boynton Beach, and  when Aiden's bus pulled up, he wasn't on it.

"The bus driver comes over here, I say who I'm looking for, I say Aiden, he described him, he says, Oh, lady over there just picked him up she said that she was his mother, " said Aiden's mom.

Berthiaume says that the bus driver went back, brought Aiden to her minutes later, saying Aiden was with a different woman who stopped Aiden from going with the supposed phony mom.

"Had she not been there to help me, I don't think I would have seen my little boy again," said Berthiaume.

She said Aiden tried to explain he didn't know the woman.

"He says the lady came onto the bus, said that was her son, and the bus driver told him to get off," said Berthiaume.

But the school district says that while they have her complaint on file, they aren't calling this an attempted abduction.

They're investigating, but so far they don't believe there was foul play and that this was all an accident.

"You have a radio on the bus, radio to dispatch. Find out who is supposed to be picking him up. Nobody can get him from the school without a passcode. Why can you get him off the bus otherwise, " said Berthiaume.

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