Royal Manor Estates: Senior residents in Boynton Beach claim they are being harassed

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The for-sale sign is in large print in front of Dianne Zdep's mobile home in Royal Manor Estates in Boynton Beach. But selling her mobile home has not been easy.

Her son Michael Zdep said, "We had a buyer for 99 thousand, Demma Mobile Homes contacted us, had an appointment with us and then he told us that he now had a buyer for the property and that we were going to sell it for 60 thousand and pay him the nine thousand dollars commission."

The Zdeps do not need to go through the sales company on the "parks" property to sell their home. They were told the company only wants to meet future buyers to see if the community is right for them.

The Zdeps say shortly after they put their home up for sale, someone started harassing them, knocking on the door at all hours of the night.

Dianne Zdep said,  "It's terrorizing, it's humiliating."

Her son said, "They bang on the side of the house like gorillas. The intimidation, the bullying that goes on here needs to stop."

Other residents claim they are dealing with a different type of harassment.

Nancy Kowloski-Schmidt told NewsChannel 5, "I was told that there are 10 items on this eviction notice, made up items as you can see as you saw my house. They are telling me I have to paint the house, I have to take the little TV off of my carport."

Neighbor Janet Edwards also told NewsChannel 5 about her experience.

"I got a lawyer and they said if I paid the lawyer's fee, everything would be alright. So I paid the lawyer fee. Now they are coming up because they say my grandson cannot use any of the facilities on the property," said Janet.

The residents went to a city commission meeting last week about the harassment they're suffering. The Boynton Beach Police Department says they are investigating the allegations.

Management at Royal Manor declined to talk to us on camera. Meanwhile homeowners are hoping for a quick resolution.

Michael Zdep said, "Eighty homes have been sold in here since 2011 since we put ours up on the market and we haven't had any showings by Demma Mobile Homes or the park, I don't have a problem paying a commission but I am not going to be extorted."

The residents will be meeting together next Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Attorney Barry Silver will be at the meeting.


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