Rodriguez's former competition vying to vacant Boynton mayor seat

Commission ready to appoint someone Feb. 7th

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - One man's misfortune can be someone else's opportunity. Jose Rodriguez was removed from the position of Mayor of Boynton Beach last week, accused of bullying other city leaders into dropping a child abuse investigation against him. 

Rodriguez's former competition in the 2010 race for Mayor still wants the job. Carl McKoy, Cliff Montross and Brian Edwards all ran against Rodriguez and lost. Now they're back for a chance to be Interim Mayor. Edwards only lost to Rodriguez by 200 votes.
"It was a strong second, almost 50% of the voters who turned out supported me," says Edwards.
Former Boynton City Commissioner Carl McKoy says he wants to see more transparency in government and update city laws.
"Eliminate ordinances that aren't pertinent to todays society and bring ones that are relevant to today," says McKoy.
Each of the mayoral hopefuls wrote the City Commissioner about why they deserve the job. Montross says his extensive experience in municipal government back in New Jersey qualifies him for the position. 
But the Commission could also choose to appoint from within. Acting Mayor Bill Orlove says he'll take the job if he's asked to serve. For now he says he's focused on moving the city forward, and putting Rodriguez's removal behind it. 
"The issue is government needs to continue to function and it will continue to function," says Orlove.
According to city charter, commissioners have a few weeks to appoint someone to the position. But Orlove says the commission doesn't want to wait that long. He says it's likely someone will be appointed at the next meeting, Tuesday February 7th.
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